Introduction to APPROVE

Whether you’re using our digital quoting platform, our website integrations, or integrating directly with our APIs, getting up and running with APPROVE is quick and easy. Our docs provide step-by-step guidance for configuring your APPROVE account, adding APPROVE to your site, integrating APPROVE into your current systems, and managing the financing process from within your APPROVE account.

{info} These pages are dedicated resources for APPROVE customers, developers, and partners. If you’re not a current customer and would like to see if APPROVE is right for your business, please visit our APPROVE Marketing Page.


APPROVE is a platform designed to help equipment sales organizations offer financing to their customers through a network of competing equipment finance companies. The platform offers three unique benefits for equipment sellers looking to give customers a better financing experience:

  1. Integrated Financing at the Point of Sale
    APPROVE was designed to make it easy for you to promote an affordable monthly option for your customers and provide quick access to a simple application process whether your point of sale is a quote, your website, or both.

  2. Access to a Network of Competing Lenders
    Once customers complete a simple finance application via APPROVE, that application is sent to a network of top equipment financing lenders who compete to claim, approve, and provide the best possible rate options for your customers.

  3. Complete Financing Management Platform
    APPROVE gives you all the tools you need to track and manage every aspect of the financing process.

Platform Overview

The APPROVE Platform includes several high-level features:

Features Description
Supplier Portal Tools your team members use to manage your APPROVE account
Customer Portal Custom-branded, microsite your customers access to view digital quotes and financing offers from competing lenders
Digital Quoting Full digital quoting platform with integrated financing
Website Integration Tools to integrate financing into your website's eCatalog
APPROVE API Complete set of APIs to integrate APPROVE's Lender Network seamlessly into any internal system

Getting Started

When first accessing APPROVE, you will be walked through a step-by-step process for configurating your account. This includes:

  1. Set-up your Organization: The "Organization" in APPROVE allows you to connect the activities of multiple users together under one primary account
  2. Set-up your Customer Portal: You will want to customize you customer portal by uploading you company logo
  3. Set-up your Users: From within Account > Users you can send invitations directly to any users within your organization that will be sending quotes and/or managing finance applications
  4. Set-up your Email From Address: By default, all system generated emails are sent from "[email protected]." From within Account > Email Settings you can change this to send emails from your APPROVE user email address

Once these steps are completed you can begin using the digital quoting platform as well as begin integrating APPROVE into your website.

{primary} All APPROVE users require an APPROVE subscription.

Additional Resources

  • For step-by-step instructions on integrating APPROVE into your website, visit Web Integration
  • For information on how APPROVE integrates with common web/ecommerce platforms including: WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, and more, visit our Platform Integration
  • Our "Reference" section provides helpful reference information including an overview of the financing process, common industry terms, and a review of all APPROVE generated emails
  • To learn more about the capabilities and use-cases for the APPROVE API visit "API"