APPROVE for WordPress


This guide describes how to integrate APPROVE into a WordPress website.

There are currently three APPROVE Plug-ins built specifically for WordPress websites:

Platform Platform Support Description Details
APPROVE WordPress Plug-in A standard WordPress plugin that enables all the core features and functions of APPROVE Details
APPROVE WordPress Developer Tools A WordPress plug-in that provides front-end and back-end libraries that provide access to APPROVE information so you can build your own custom solution Details
APPROVE WooCommerce Plug-in An additional WordPress plug-in designed to provide easy integration into your WooCommerce e-commerce catalog Details

{info} Before you begin you should please review:

APPROVE WordPress Plugin

The APPROVE WordPress plugin enables all core features and functions of APPROVE in a simple to install WordPress Plugin.

Topic Overview
Requirements - Ability to install WordPress Plug-in
- Access to edit themes
- Familiarity with basic WordPress techniques
Technical Level
Available Features - Both Embedded and Hosted APPROVE Integration Types
- Button, Teaser Rate, and Hide APPROVE Tags
Implementation Overview 1. Install Plugin
2. Configure Plugin
3. Add APPROVE Button tags
4. Add APPROVE Teaser Rate tags (optional)
5. Add APPROVE Hide tags (optional)

For more information and step-by-step instructions visit our project in GitHub